The Highlands Ability Batttery

For Executives

The Highlands Ability Battery is a three-hour online assessment taken on a desktop or laptop. 

The Battery helps identify your unique and natural abilities and assist you in determining how you learn, solve problems, and view the world. When you finish the Battery, you will get two reports, one report of your core abilities, including a bar chart showing your scores as percentiles. The second report is a Career Supplement that links your abilities to careers with descriptions and projected salaries.

Executives and Corporations use the Battery to link your abilities to other factors that influence your career.and building a more effective team to increase morale and productivity.

The Highlands Ability Battery

After completing  your assessment return here click on the Client Portal  and view your reports.

The Highlands Ability Battery

After completing the assessment be sure to  return here and  pick up your reports.


Enjoy your reports!


Leadership-Report-Sample (pdf)


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