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Collin Myers

Collin studied at Houghton College, Walsh University, and Kent State University. During his teaching career, he served as a full time professor at Notre Dame College, Ohio, and later at Walsh University. Dr. Myers works with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. 


Enhanced Mental Health

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When you hear the term “emotional health or mental health”, what is the first thing that usually comes into your mind? According to researches, mental health normally includes social well-being pertaining to psychological and emotional standings. Mental health affects the way people think, act and feel.   PDF


Better Mind Better Life

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According to studies, individuals who are emotionally and mentally healthy have the ability to control their behavior. 



Childhood Mental State

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It is often easier recognizing the physical needs of a child when it comes to the trying to provide adequately for nutritious food, water, warmth and so on. When it comes to the mental health of child, the parent may not have such as easy time at all. A child mental healthy may not be as obvious as his or her physical condition or needs, thus there parent would have to be knowledgeable on the subject on mental health development before even trying to understand the child’s progress. Get all the info you need here.   PDF


The ADHD Success Formula

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You might have heard things growing up like, “Why can’t you just sit still? Pay attention. You can focus when you want to. Why do you leave half finished things all over the house? Why do you leave the cabinets open?” These are all characteristics of people who have Attention Deficit.    PDF


The Organized Mind

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It might sound like a small thing but staying organized is actually everything in today’s environment. By staying organized and keeping on top of all that information, those huge to-do lists and your calendar, you can take each challenge one step at a time.      PDF