The Highlands Ability Batttery

What is it?

The Highlands Ability Battery is a three-hour online assessment taken on a desktop or laptop. 

The Battery helps identify your unique and natural abilities and assist you in determining how you learn, solve problems, and view the world. When you finish the Battery, you will get two reports, one report of your core abilities, including a bar chart showing your scores as percentiles. The second report is a Career Supplement that links your abilities to careers with descriptions and projected salaries.

The Battery consists of 19 worksamples and is between 2 1/2 to 3 hours taken online in a quite setting.


  • Generalist / Specialist (oral)
  • Generalist / Specialist (written))
  • Introvert / Extrovert
  • Time Frame
  • Classification
  • Concept Organization
  • Idea Productivity
  • Spatial Relations Theory
  • Spatial Relations Visualization
  • Design Memory
  • Observation
  • Verbal Memory
  • Tonal Memory
  • Rhythm Memory
  • Pitch Discrimination
  • Number Memory
  • Visual Speed
  • Visual Accuracy
  • Vocabulary 

Students use the Battery to make clear decisions on college majors, trade schools, and or Military schools.  

Adults use the Battery when making a career change, seeking employment, or for personal development..  

Executives and Corporations use the Battery to link your abilities to other factors that influence your career.and building a more effective team to increase morale and productivity. 

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As we “stay in place” and stay safe if you are frustrated and trying to occupy yourself, or maybe you have loss your job. Now is the time to take our career assessment. 

The Highlands Ability Battery. 

You can take this assessment online using your desktop or laptop. Take it at your own speed. The assessment takes about 3 hours to complete, once you have finished you will be able to retrieve and print your reports. 

Email or call Collin you are ready to begin your assessment he will send you the link and code to get started immediately.             


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The Highlands Ability Battery

Sample Reports

Student-Sample (pdf)


Student-Sample-Student-Career (pdf)



THC-Report-Sample-Adult-Standard (pdf)


THC-Report-Sample-Adult-HCES (pdf)



Leadership-Report-Sample (pdf)


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